Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not feeling that Great

So yeah, Im not feeling that Great right about now, all I can think about is my husband and his ex! What the crap? Didnt sleep good at all last night, and now Im up early this morning. Its all because of a conversation we had last week. We were on the road trip to see the family and we were telling stuff about each other and we promised we wouldnt get mad. Well out of all the stuff he told this one thing apparently keeps sticking out. He told me that he showed the new girl at work, his ex's daughter and sd she may be his. Well, its nothing new he has been telling me this for awhile but A.)I pretty much cant stand his ex, for the fact she has almost, at one point, destroyed our marriage. B.) This new girl at his work has only been there for like two weeks and he has already shown her his ex and her kid? Pretty upsetting since thats all I can think about. I may be just over reacting, but for no apparent reason this keeps popping in my head! So now I wonder if he showed his new co-worker, our daughter that is 100% his or me, the one he is married too? Am I being too....too worried? I did tell him that I looked up my ex on facebook to see what was up with his life and I sd I didnt even send a message or chat with him, but he is now marriaged and has a baby and I am very happy for him. Thats when he told me since his ex is blocked from his account he got the new girl to look her up to show her the kid that maybe his! Well I seriously doubt, and I mean seriously doubt that that kid is his. Doesnt even look anything like him and she has a dad. I hate to say this, only for the fact there could even be a 1% chance she is his kid, but I dont think our marriage would last much longer if his ex came back into the picture!!!! Okay so thats all I have to say for now, I pretty pissed at this point and dont really wanna talk about this anymore.